Welcome to my small factory

between dust and dreams …

depending on what time it is, you will find

graphic designer, or sculptor or designer …

Enjoy your visit!

  • mon Profil > My Profile : Muse, Biography, Current Exhibition, Contact
  • Infographie > Computer Graphics : Books, Brochures, Retouching
  • Multimedia > Multimedia : Web sites, CD-ROM, Video, Digital pictures
  • Design > Design : Architecture, interior, Objects
  • Créations > Craft : Drawings, Sculptures (nature, body, …), writing, photography
  • Coups de coeur > Favourites : Books, Movies, Artists, Festivals

Published pages are personal

respect my work without copying

because I can customize ideas according to your projects …

A “Muse” to inspire your work !

Ideas for writers, illustrators …

I can draw and write

a team of diverse talents could use my sketches as a starting point …

please feel free to visit, not everything is translated but is it necessary ? These photos speak for themselves…

Text will soon be translated … my writings will not be easy to translate because I like playing with the words and rhymes of my “mother tongue”…

The photos are samples of professional, private or voluntary achievements :

if you're interested in a piece of work or if you want to collaborate, please contact me


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